Ever since the paper showing
Naa... the exam's got over. 
nada.. the maths paper
nope.. the SST. 
nay.. the PL.   
 no.. the date sheet. 

Yes, ever since the DATE SHEET FINAL EXAM 2013-14 arrived the tension started brewing in the cauldron of my mind . 

And then as the Preparatory Leave started to vanish from my hand, probably calender, the recipe was added with the spice of  first paper fear.

SST is a lengthy subject. So its preparation is. But the tension was to be able to complete studying the whole .For once. The flame turned on. 

Mathematics. The subject I don't like the most. Not because of its difficulty level. But just because I find other subjects more interesting. I prepared. And stumbled. I knew it was bad. The heating.

The last day. Boiling began.

Paper Showing. Not the best I have had. Steam!

22nd March 2014. Result Awaits.



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