Almost a love letter to you *Spoiler Alert*

"Why do you love me so much?"
Shivansh asked Shanaya who sat at the adjacent chair.
"if you don't remember let me remind you that we are here for my placement and if
I don't get selected then I am fucked up big time."
"That's why I am taking your mind off it."
"Like this, asking me stupid things."
"Stupid? I freaking proposed you yesterday and you think this is stupid?"
"Exactly why this is stupid. I agreed to marry you and you are asking me why do i love you so much?"
"Matlab every girlfriend wants that one day her boyfriend would one day bend on s knee and ask to marry her. And love you only made it more beautiful and memorable for me."
"Okay but yet. Why do you love me so much?"
"Because my jaan, neither you are perfect nor i but we surely are prefect together. And then with you I realized what truly happiness is. Like watching daily soaps together, like having coffee while you are there with me, like gazing at the stars while holding your hand. You know Shivansh we didn't get that close with each other but you surely did give me some of the most memorable moments of my life."
"Awww. My baccha."

© Aditi Tiwari 2016. Dark Blue Anecdotes™


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