Birthday and New Year!

Birthday and New Year are the worst occasions in my life. The most hated and unwanted ones too. I hate to celebrate my birthday and new year both. And to make it even worse they always end up in the gap of 5 days. 25th December and 31st December are the doom days of my life. I don't like celebrating my birthday cause it ends up bad. Very bad. Like last year my best friends didn't wish me. The whole world, the most unknown people, my brother's friends but not them as they were upset with me. Before that my pet fish died on the same date. And before that we lost a T20 to Pakistan. Hell I don't remember what worse thing happened before. Nor do I need to. All of this is worse enough. And new years! They aren't any better. In 2013, I lost a dear friend. He isn't dead, just we aren't friends anymore. In 2014, I lost my best friend. Again, just virtually. And now in 2015, I have already lost someone who meant the most to be. You know 2013 was an awesome year. Full of celebrations and fun. It was when in was in 8th.Those were the days. Damn!I miss those days. No tension just fun!! And them came ninth! Hell of a depressed year. Wrong choices. Wrong decisions. Wrong people. Wrong everything. My life turned to a perfect example of what is a fucked up teenage life. Damn it! I lost my friends in the way met new people. Eventually the wrong ones. But at the end got my friends back. And here comes 10th. Darn of a year! It was okay. I mean it was not as good as 8th but not as bad as 9th either. All together it was a nice year and I couldn't expect to be better after a tragedy that my last year was. But then again I really lost many people this year. Both physically and emotionally. And the worst part is I miss them both. Very badly.  And here I am. Two days for my sweet sixteen. Bitter sixteen would be better. I don't know if my friends would wish me this year. Maybe. Maybe not. I was never into gifts. I like to present them but accept. I don't know. Just like that I guess. I don't dislike them either. But I don't like them too. So this year has been a heaven in hell kinda year. And whatever that means it was good. I made new friends who I probably don't regret making just up till now. I don't want to either. Lets see what happens next year. So hoping for an even better 2016 and a decent b'day. I wish I'd welcome 2016 with no regrets what-so-ever. Merry Christmas and A happy New Year. May the new year bring prosperity, may the odds be in your favor, may Leo DiCaprio receive an Oscar, may we make good films like Bajirao Mastani, may I watch all great movies coming up in 2016, may you fulfill your dreams, may we be able to change the juvenile law, may be bring justice to the ones who need it, may iPhone 7 be a huge success, may people like Harry Potter and the cursed child, and that's enough of may. 
© Aditi Tiwari 2015. All Rights Reserved. DBA.


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