Día De Fotografía!!

"Photography is not about capturing the extra ordinary things, but it is about capturing ordinary things in an extra ordinary manner."  Aditi Tiwari (That's me 'jerk.')

For the first time I went for a day out only to talk to random unknown people, take crazy photos and just eat. I felt like another host of Fox Life. Laughing along with unknown people you have just met is an exceptional feeling. And with your Mum along with you, it just can't any better. Khopoli, is a small town comfortably embracing the valley of the famous Lonavala and Khandala mountains. Not very densely populated Khopoli is quite of a place to reside in. Education, Medical Care, fresh food, water and well managed by the transport lines Khopoli is urbanising from a village to a city. And today I was there for only 3 reasons. TRAVEL. FOOD. PHOTOGRAPHY. Maybe travel could be replaced with shopping, but for a girl like me they are just synonyms. Planned for days, this first ever kind of day out proved to be simply awesome and gifted me some many new experiences. As for the idea of it I was really excited. With a camera in my hand, mum by my side, I roamed interestingly at every shop of the Khopoli Thursday Market. Its kind of a... fair maybe just stretched along both the sides of the road aimlessly for about 1.5 km and having products ranging from land to sky. When I first came I thought only to click photos of food. But the instant will to talk to the strange salesmen and just click a few photos sparked inside me and I began with a poker smile. Gradually, the smile turned to be more and more genuine as I learned how to talk to someone rather manofy them to let you take some pictures. It was a hell lot of fun. Cracking silly jokes is a part of my nature and that actually was entertained rather taken as irritation. It was a huge learning experience and collecting photos for your blog and getting so much to learn and enjoy is a  star wala treat. Pani puri, Ganne ka ras, Vada Pav, Bhajiye and lots of shopping. ( I regret not having Dabheli.)  I crashed at my seat in the bus when I saw 2 of my wildest nightmares coming to me. My pals from 12th were there too and so the session of cracking taunting jokes continued as all of our mums enjoyed complaining about each one of us. The perfect end to the perfect day, Indian style. The insanely amazing part is I haven't changed yet after coming from market and blogging about it when I should be sleeping to get on time tomorrow.     

© Aditi Tiwari 2015. DBA. 


  1. Omg!!!! This is awsum dude..!!!! The first I saw these photographs..i thought they are original ..I mean they are professional. And i couldnt expect someone like you to click them. Lemme tell you that you have done a great job. I'm dumbfounded actually now. Keep going.

  2. please upload photos which not edited or not given any effect....so that your "photography" is seen

    please do mention your camera make and model no.....

  3. Sorry to offend you but I have just edited my name on it or else they must be automatically enhanced as I transfer them to my mobile first. But considering your point I checked that the enhancement is restricted to brightness adjustment. And any ways the picture is however not changed if I deliberately edit it too. I am offending but just clarifying my point.
    BTW, its not a DSLR, its Canon Ixus 155.


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