Expeditious Experience!

A glittering expression was evident on my face from the moment I stepped out. It could be easy going day at school. I rarely have them.  Or could be my new Asus Zenfone 5 I got delivered today. But whatever it was I was happy. Strange. Spending time with a friend reading horoscopes and going like "Exxxaaaacccttllllyyyy!!!" every single time as we found that fascinating. And sharing secrets with another and spending quality time together after a very long time of her never ending series of exams. 12th!!  But the best part was going out to play badminton. I started with another friend of mine. BTW misanthropists !! I do have some friends. The whole humanity does not hate me. Badminton is always fun but the talk we do during that is just a jewel in crown. It varies from lot of leg pulling to some serious satires on someone's Englishs Ruchikas thiss the ones fors the yous.  And then having my favourite twins I have ever met Gaurang and Shivang return from somewhere and just acting as if we met after years. Their sis Anonymous di politely asked me for the racket and I handed it over. I went back to my Asus which was unjustly fit in my pocket due to its larger-than-reality-size. The conversation with the only sane person in the group was kick started with the casual topics like sibling rivalry , as we all are and we criticized our counter parts. And then to career and it did strike the chord when she too studied in Pune. And then for a while it was about Pune as my sis to is studying there.  Then SC ST Reservation, always the topic of utmost criticism, came in and she mentioned casually that she belongs to OBC , and for a second I was like did I struck the wrong note this time, but no she belongs to OBC, MP. "Oh! MP!! Where from?" "Ahh.. De... Indore." "Indore or Dewas?" "Actually Dewas." That was the total power start for the conversation. You belong to my state, my place and we meet in some other place, I just loose all my sanity and formality I was holding since and I am a completely different person now. And then it seemed like it was no end for us to talk. Dewas is  my home town and situated about 150km from the capital, Bhopal. Its not a very lavish or posh city but just the best feel to being home. My family has been there for like since my Great Grandfather so its like even though I have not been there for more than 2 years of my life yet every shopkeeper is like "Arre yeh to Anil Bhaiya ki choti wali beti haina!" Di belongs to Adarsh Nagar and having so rooted relations I have relatives in every nook and corner of the city. We talked from Ratan wale ke Pohe & Jalebi to The Holy Temple of Tekri to going to Dewas by train and having samosas in Ujjain. After about 15 mins it seemed like we have known each other for a long long time. Her mother called her out as di just came from college. But its a different connection when taking to someone who may seem to be just a far off relative. "So, what's your name?""Aditi. And aap." "Surbhi!" Divya di was like, "Yaar tum log kab se baat kar rahe ho and abhi introduction ho raha hai."  And we both we like if talk for some more minutes we would definitely be relatives or aik shop yaatoh aapki hogi yaa aik shop meri! And we all just laughed it out. For moments like this to share I sometime cherish and feel proud of my extrovert and light hearted behaviour. 

© Aditi Tiwari 2015. DBA.      


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