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After an year or so

I was just browsing through some videos on YouTube and came across a song that made me open my blog. I don't know why it just did and I realized that it has almost been an year or so since I last wrote. Its not like I can't think of anything to write about.. its just that I could not bring myself to write it down. So since my twelfth board exams concluded I haven't done anything productive yet and that it about almost three months. I got admission in the college I wanted and I am just waiting for it to start. I can't wait to meet new people and make new friends. You know maybe they are the ones that stuck. Or maybe not. And talking about friends and old one popped on my WhatsApp chat list few days back. It had been like five to six months since I had last talked to her properly. But that didn't seem to matter. We talked like it was just yesterday we had our last conversation. But then soon enough she stopped replying. But that's typical her.  But forgetting he…

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