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... "Niether." "Either."

4th November 2017 Saturday
96 days have passed since the last post on the blog and the resolution I took in that post but frankly speaking I think we have grown more closer since that post. I know you better than the four years put together. But yet you don't know me at all.  But on the other hand you claim to know everything about me. Well now that's an issue because.
Everything you know about me or related to me should come from what you have heard from me. But in our case its everything you have heard from everywhere but me. And the sad part is you didn't        even ask me if anything you heard was true. You just believed the other person so easily. And the saddest part is the treasured chat that I saved as PDF in my mobile which I believed to be ours was me talking to a stranger and you let me believe that it was you for about five months and your reason for never telling me the truth about it was you thought I would have figured it out.…

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