Loads of fun!!!!!!

Had a great blast yesterday with all of my friends (Shreya.. girl i missed you too) but... seriously I am so happy that I didn't ditched this plan, which I was almost going to. Never the less the activa ride was......AWESOME!!! Sakshi... Krutika.. !!!!! Just one word.... burrrmmmmmmmmm!!!! plus Sanskruti... you were really looking "mere pass dil hota naa toh teri smile par pakka aa jata" types. And how can I forget the mandir.. and meri mannat.. and "jai jai shiv shankar... kata lage naa kankar" 
And then Sanskruti kaa face facial... with chocolate cake (of course)
The dinner was great too.. (Ahm ahm)
Happy birthday Sanskruti.. and please don't expect anything more.. woh collage aur meri speech hi kafi thi!

Enjoyed a lot!


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