Sleepy Quotes : A Khurafat of my mind (thanks!!)

Blogging has always been a surprise gift in my life that I discovered lately. Blogger has been the foundation of that dream. Today when the blog completes 1.5k views I am very happy as a proud owner of the blog. For all the readers thanks for being such an avid part of my life. Thank you all for supporting and enjoying this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. And while the writing of this blog I also discovered and founded another blog that is Sleepy Quotes. The wordpress blog has also been a vivid beautiful part of my tiny writing experience. But today I am basically here to share with you all that along with my many other friends like Aayushi di, Rupali di and of course Tanya di (btw your poem was awesome) and many more poems and articles were  published in our school magazine "Blossoms." Its not a big thing though, its just a step ahead in our poetic or authorit careers. I would never have got the confidence to submit the poem if I didn't write this blog and moreover was not supported in it. All the readers thanks a lot for appreciating the blog and I would keep on writing with the same confidence only if you all support through! 
Thank you. Cheers!!


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