Historical moments in the history of the world #1

There are many historical phases that this world has seen till date. From all I learnt I narrow my list down to these. 

Let me start with my personal favourite. 

Holocaust (Nazism)  
We dont expect the death of a 6 million people to be at the cost of a epidemic. Nah! It was the planned for days event that took the horrific face of "The Final Solution" and became the reason of death of all the Jews in Nazi Germany. It all started when an Army Officer formed the association and began looking for a spot in The Reichstag. Person none other than Adolf Hitler. He who never spared a maiden Jew. Maybe at that time The Jews called him "You-Know-Who." And why not. The name was too atrocious to be taken in public. He who devised the plan of the "Final Solution" was a great leader indeed. Some of his quotes are recounted even today. People of Germany backed him entirely. They saw the man who could change the conditions. And surely he did. He made Germany the country that every German Aryan desired. There came the reason of the Holocaust. He remarkably justified his policy of discrimination by the scientific researches of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer. The whole world knew it the Nazi Ideology. And science played it part to accomplice the quote "Survival of the fittest." All of the Germany was testified and divided into Desirables & 'Undesirable'.Jews,  Russians, Gypsies and unfit Aryans found their way too the Poland Concentration Camps. Where they were shackled like herds and made to give away their clothes shoes and all the belongings they had. They slept naked for months only to be carried to the Gas Chamber. You don't want to witness what occurred in there. It was the worst prospect of death. The claw marks of
the dying Ratten as he says can even be seen today at Auschwitz Concentration Camp. You wouldn't wonder the faith their dead bodies met with. They were burned in oven like structures called "Crematorium". The film "The boy in the stripped pyjama" has a dialogue; "They are worse when they burn." They breathed a last to never anyone else let it see what they had been turned into. I believe the Jews died many deaths before the Gas Chamber as the dread of the Monster haunted them dawn and dusk. We would never witness the experience the had to go through the ruthless treatment they were met with and horrendous end they fated. 

They have no right to live among us as citizens.    

They have no right to live among us.

They have no right to live.

He, Adolf Hitler, would never rest in peace for the millions he set at unrest.



     Aditi Tiwari 2014 Copyright. DBA. 


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