This journey is fun!

Fox Traveller . The channel looks at accentuating the travel, unlike regular travel shows that concentrate on destinations, the shows on Fox Traveller focus on the fun element attached to travel, the experiences and the people. The audiences includes people who are hungry for new, bigger, better, and varied experiences; open to experimenting; open to trying out even challenging things and wanting to visit the places and ideas that they see on the channel. 

^^ Wikipedia says the above.. and the regularly blah blah blah goes onn... but I prefer to give an official insight.

But when you return home, from a tiring day where you had your dance practice infinite number of times to make it perfect.. and you switch on the television.. and dahhh.. the boring sas-bahu serials.. or the debating news channels.. or the music channels which play more advertisements... etc. 

There is one channel which surely draws my attention.. and keeps me stuck with the idiot box all day..

Yes! Fox Traveller
It celebrates 2m likes on fb!!
But that has a sure reason which is the variety of shows provided by the channel which include travel and food. (both are type so I guess you know why I love the channel)

Travelling. Photography. Food. Music.
Have always been my favourites and Fox Traveller sums it all in one channel. However down my mood be it always lightens up seeing the following shows on the channel.

 May it be the delicious street food around by James Chunningham
 Or the Indian Foreign fusion beats.
Or the delicacies of different cuisines -  Maeve O'Meara 
Or the insane Gordon Ramsay working in Kitchen Nightmares!

Its sheer joy to watch all the things brought up by the channel and it feels that you are enjoying it being at the place  they are covering it.

This journey is (really) fun!

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