The melody which strikes you with utmost happiness.  
The lyrics which remind you of the alike condition you were.
The vibrations which cut trough our inhibitions and reach your heart. 
And then,
The voice which pours out the truth in the simplest manner possible.

That's a very brief description of the word "Music".

At this clock, we restrict it to Eminem, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 , Arijit Singh , Shreya Ghoshal and the list expands depending on every other POV. That's not wrong. Definitely.Just different from what I feel.

For me its a way to escape all my sufferings. And celebrate my success. Both the lows and highs goes with music.  The best part is its always there. People may come. And leave too. Music stays. Forever. 
Its been important to me since I gained senses and stopped watching ShinChan. Regularly.

I feel it has been important to the humanity since long before the advent of headphones.

People struggling for freedom in countries like India, sang Rang De Basanti! to express togetherness.

People in France sang La Marseillaise  to gather courage to strive in harsh realities of life.

Music has always been a source of purity. Joy. Togetherness.

It will be. Forever. 

© Aditi Tiwari 2014 copyright. All rights reserved. 


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