What compliments reading??

As the addiction  follows reading is mine and I start getting worried if I don't read a book for a long duration like three weeks.

I read books that I like and also those which I don't like. For picking up a book to read my criteria is very simple. First, read the preface of the book and about the life of the author who wrote that nook. It helps to get an idea about the person and also the life they have been through which will give you and insight about various incidents in the book. Secondly, read the reviews of the book on some well known site. I suggest my personal favourite as https://www.goodreads.com/. Go through the best and worst reviews to know more about the book even before you read it and also a rough summary of the book. Which will further let you decide about the book. Lastly, when the book passes the first two tests start reading the last chapter of the book. If you find it convincing then you surely can read the book which would be a good experience and if not you still can risk it.

  Now as my reading goes and the  books i chose it happens many-a-times that I just get too much involved in the book and just go with the flow and feel myself to just be right there and enact each and every chapter. At times it happens when the protagonist under goes a pretty rough phase and seems losing all the faith and hope. At that time I prefer to complete the chapter and take rest. From reading. At that time the beverages that go best to lighten up the mood and refresh the mind which I prefer as Black Coffee and Green Tea.

A little bit sour the both just linger the taste buds and introduce then to something unusual and mostly get tastier and tastier with each sip. The fun with both is you can't really sip a lot at one time you need to go to enjoy the real flavours and delicacies the both presume. At first they are sour and as you sip through they get sweet. Both have an exotic and irresistible effect on self and feels heaven. 

You are completely recharged to go back to the book and complete it thoroughly enjoying every bit of it.  

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  1. I agree with reading the authors life but not with the book reviews. In my opinion every book will take you on a roller coaster ride and ruining that with reading the last chapter of the book makes no sense to me. I would like to enjoy the book with my doubts and presumptions rather than somebody elses's.


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