The Night Walk

Its been quite a while I have written anything about anything and today I come up with the thought of writing about another hobby I tend to follow these days.

The night walk has been quintessential in my life since past fortnight. And now I love it. Its not a habit built over a day but it takes time to brew the perfect flavour of it. I now walk 6 km a day and that's the most soothing time in the whole day I spend. 

Popping up my socks and shoes getting cozy in my jacket and placing the headphones in my ears I start to walk on the empty road with splashes of water here and there some mud on the sides and the died leaves from the horizon. The clean night sky with stars all over is utmost pleasure to stare at. the cool wind chilling and making my cheeks blush is one of my favourite moments. Rubbing both the palms together for warmth and walking past small bushes and trees is the joy I discovered lately. 

While the best part is talking over the phone to someone you deeply are in love with and have just committed to them. Making lame excuses of being busy missing each other pulling each others leg over the call and talking till eternity. Wondering how his mere words make you think that you have fallen for him all over again. And just wishing that the night ends and you both keep talking and talking and talking......

Well then the walks come to an end and you return with some sweet nothings in your mind. But yet another thing I do over the walk is think about everything about the day and just take some important decisions whatever it maybe its nice spending some time with yourself alone and getting to know your insecurities and ways to overcome them.    


  1. You know what are on the write path but just configure and make your vague thoughts compact and go easy..dont hustle....we are here..we are listening to you. :')


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