Dream Everest!

Since my very childhood I had the dream to conquer the Great Mt. Everest. Mountain climbing as chaff was always interesting my it be spiral stair case or a pile of sand it was always fun to reach the top.

I aspire to climb the avid Mount Everest dug the Indian flag there click a selfie and then return back with gratification of the achievement.

Its never an lenient task to climb 8848 metres above the sea level. But then what's life without some adventure. To climb the alien cliffs and to pass the ice lakes .. there's nothing more endeavouring in this world for me and anyone who desires to climb a mountain.

That view when you reach the apex and see the whole cosmos below you and above view is just hypnotic and would just be the best feeling ever. I trust my back bone enough that I can surely achieve my dream. But it a lot more than just a dream. Its about the great gamble I would put myself and my friends life into.

Yes, it's my return gift for both my love birds Sakshi and Sanskruti who don't have the slightest of idea of this jeopardize that I have been planning for a long long time and its my contrive to let them know about this on the final clock ring of our tenth standard together and the tenacious vacation that follows. I would love to see their reactions. I prefigure it to be almost like  "हाँ भारी चलो चलतें हैं!" And probably after would be shocked that I am certain about it. But they'd agree.

I don't mind the training until we are through it. I just want to be all set to be 16 and accomplish my dream of  climbing the summit. 
And not to forget my dream to capture the moment in my camera. Photography is a must!

OH OH!! 

© Aditi Tiwari 2014. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 



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