Under the tree


Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co incidental. This is a work of fiction and would be appreciated to be taken the same.  


Under The Tree

"A ball is thrown upwards with an velocity of 2 m/s in 8 s it attains the maximum height and comes back in the hand of the thrower. Calculate the maximum height and the final velocity by which it came down.Cool! that's easy. What say?" said Ananya hoping from the person sitting besides her.

"Yaa. It's done see!" She cheered and looked back and just the world around her froze.

There was the love of her life sleeping perfectly innocent with his mouth a bit open and snoring as if whispering in slumber. He looked as childish as his behaviour and was probably tired with the school work. 

"Aarav!" she tried shaking him but he was in a too deep sleep.

She just adored the guy sitting in front of her right now! She so wanted to pat his face right now. And who was stopping her from that. She lifted her hand up and placed it on his right cheek firmly and just patted it well. He looked so cute while sleeping. She waited for a moment and laid her back to touch the trunk of the tree they were sitting under. She rested her head on Aarav's shoulder and got a firm grip on his right hand and nuzzled close to him and closed her eyes to feel his closeness. And both of them slept quietly until they were disturbed by Aarav's mobile. Ringing!

"Who the hell.... " Aarav shouted but shut immediately to see his love sleeping so calmly now hugging him with her head on his chest and hands around him. He silenced his phone that instance. He just wanted to stare at her till infinity. She was sleeping so peacefully like with no worries nothing. Just sleeping there with him. he shook her to wake her up and in result she nuzzled more close to him. he shook her vigorously this time and she wake up.

"Good Morning!" Ananya exclaimed. 

"Good morning nahi good night hone wali hai Ananya. Come on get we need to go." Said Aarav.

"Ahhhhannnn!"   Ananya was in no mood to leave him.

"Come I will drop you home.'' Said Aarav.

"Only if we walk!" Ananya demanded.

"As you wish!" said Aarav.

© Aditi Tiwari 2014. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 



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