Let it go!

Problems in life? Worries? Tension? Stress? Strain?Difficulty? 
Just one solution.. let it go
Have you ever in your life just went on a walk with.. yourself? Never then you are kidding or better be. Everyone needs time to spend with self and talk to yourself. Just when you are tensed try to go out of the box and go on a walk. Talk and think about the great things or experiences you have been through. Just the good ones. And see life is so great and has so much to give and a lil to take. But discover yourself your joys and do those things which make you happy. No the usual ones but your passions. I dance. Its the best stress buster ever. I can't go to sleep without listening to music. I have a habit of waking up early and practising yoga. That are the things which make me happy. Have you ever laid on grass ground and stared at the skies? In Public. Its removes the hesitation and builds up the confidence believe me it does. Dance like no ones watching. Sing like no ones listening. All worlds a stage and all men and women are merely players. That's Shakespeare. So lets be a good one to please him . ;) 

© Aditi Tiwari 2014. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 


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