Gandhi The Evil

We all hate Hitler for his bad deeds ever wondered he was not that bad either. At least he punished those who ill behaved with women and gave the respect. But the so called and entitled father of our nation Gandhi was he good enough? Well i don,t think so.

Gandhi born in Gujarat has several things untold in the history. He in one of his conference plead every man in India to adopt Bhramacharya and to not maintain any sexual relations with the females.  But was Gandhi himself so clean. Te evil rises here.

Do you ever know the father did not even supported Hindi as our national language. Instead to please his beloved Muslims he proposed a language called Hindustani. Which has no vocabulary and no grammar. Just a pointless mix of Hindu and Urdu.

But that is not all. Gandhi was a sinner to many women. Betraying his own wife and un following his own proclamation of Bhramacharaya Gandhi wanted the teenagers to bathe and sleep on the same bed but not talk anything sexual. He forced women to bathe in front of him. Naked. But said that he closes his eyes at that time. After his wife died he asked women to sleep with him and then said that she only slept close to me. He used to sexually harass young women and is proved to force a woman of half his age to sleep with him. He used to lay them naked and just stare at them for long in order to improve his resistance, But would mostly end up speaking literally raping them.

No wonder if Gandhi had been more persistent and Jinnah had been more considerate India's first prime minister would have been Jinnah and the country would be so much different.

I am not telling Hitler was any good but was Gandhi any better? Does Gandhi really is correct to be father of our nation? This haunts us till date.

The article is based on true facts and one must check google if you have any complaints.


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