Pani Puri Cuisine

It indeed is a cuisine in itself. And is called by various proper nouns such as Pani Puri Pani Ke Patashe, Phuchka, Gup Chup,  Pani ke Bataashe, Pakodi, Gol GappA, Ghopcha. Whatever you call it once you see a stall you can't resist yourself. The origin of pani puri can be traced back to Magadha {Present South Bihar} however the name GolGappa suggests Varanasi. In Kolkata it {Puchka} is considered to be the best among also the other cuisines like golgappa. 

The filling is made by lightly mashing boiled potatoes with black salt, salt, some spices, a generous portion of tamarind pulp (made by mashing ripe tamarind in tamarind water), chilli (powder/chopped/boiled & pasted). The tamarind water Tetul Jol is made by mixing tamarind and spices/ salt and making a light and tart liquid with water.  

The taste of that pani puri when you place it in your mouth. It is an inevitable experience you would never get in any other thing. The competition to eat the most. The running away after having the last one so you don't need to pay and the shy ask for sukhi puri. The fun shared with friends and the joy of eating with parents. The alag sa taste in the rains and the stress buster in summers.

We, The people of India,
Thank God!
For his most beautiful and remarkable creation
Pani Puri!

© DDA. Aditi Tiwari 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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