23rd Annual Day 2014-15

The Annual Day finally came to an end yesterday. But why aren't we happy? Because it was the most memorable one yet. Started on a confusing note of short listing songs and working for 10 hrs just to get the perfect combination of songs for the theme : "Ekta: The bond of unity." Was much of a task. But when we all are together nothing could go wrong. Well being together.. Ahaan!! Lots of fights and lots of misunderstandings on the songs the dress and every lil bit but you that's the fun of working together. Whatever happens we end together as friends. Every shout, every scolding, every laugh, every cry, every punishment, every threat of cancellation, every day of extra time, every dance move, every stunt, every prop, every stage practice, every treat, every denial, every approval, every fight, every lie and every truth all came to an end yesterday. We just could not stop ourselves from getting emotional but then we cheered for ourselves. I am already feeling nostalgic about this one. I made some friends I never would meet again, some teasing that never would be heard again, some spin the bottle's that never would be played again, some music that never would be played again, some dances that never would be practised again and some conversations that never would be spoken again. It all ends here. 

     Lasts forever.      

Aditi Tiwari 2014. 

**Somethings wrong with the time mark. Ignore!


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