Durjoy Dutta

The first time i read one of his books I just hoped to bang my phone on the wall. Thank god it was a pdf or else I would have died of anger . Durjoy's the world's best boyfriend is the worlds wirst book you'll ever read. Highly immature and nonsense piece of shit. But i am not here to discuss that. But to discuss "if its not forever its not love ." Its again one of the books i finished in roughly two hours. The nook is good regarding the previous one. The plot is interesting and lovely. But the story is completely hollow. If debashish and avantika were not shown as a couple from the start it would have been damn more interesting and gripping. You don't seem to connect to the parallel story of Ritam and Ragini and want more of deb and avavtika. The book well penned but things need to be explained rather that just cutting everything short. The vocabulary is... okay lets not get there. I just hope that there were more povs' a better prologue abd more monologue. In short he one day might just nail it but not in the near future.


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