Final Destination!! :P

We all have seen this , well talked about Hollywood film right? The "Final Destination". Or the Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3, Final Destination 4, Final Destination 5, and no thats all. What I love about the film is when I googled it, there is no such thing like Final Destination 6 coming any way soon. So! To the people who don't know about it (I have "Friends" in 12th who might be not knowing) so it is basically a script copied from all the Indian houses and then directed in Hollywood background with a dab bit of sense. It almost like my mother telling me when I call her from back "Peeche se nahi tokte" in The Warner Bros version. Because in any one of the series they ll have a miserable protagonists who would have this deja vu intuitions of HD Blu-ray deaths with enormous and enumerable blood spatters and would have a Bollywood twist and be like okay it was all in my head. Last time I saw something like that was in KJo's and Aditya Chopra movies where the whole song sequence is nothing but a mere dream. But what is my utmost problem with film is not the lazy writers who can't think of anything new but how to kill someone is most unexpected almost impossible way but is that the shitting movie, of the shitting series,comes on a shitting channel, every shitting single time, with a damn fucking different name.  Like I am watching Final Destination 4 on HBO and the same film is coming as Final Destination 1 on Z Studios and as Final Destination 2 at PIX. I literally am pissed of this fact as to why can't they understand the fact that your movies as so shitting'ly repetitive that even International Broadcasters are confused about it. I mean literally what was that shit of the man lazily lying on his dead bed scene and when he is expected with a single "Dadaji abb nahi rahe" in classic Bollywood its done with so much of Hollywood influence that another man is also killed in the same scene like as to same time. I don't understand that when they have scared the shit out of people in the every first scene of the film why you have to waste more of 80 minutes. Because you know almost all the films of the series are merely on an average of 90 minutes. I mean yaar itni humari Star Plus ki Maha Movie bhi hoti hain. The shit of clubbing all the romantic episodes of Yeh Hain Mohabbatein and titled like "Pyaar bhara Valentine" Dekhiye 2-4 sirf iss Sunday cause you are a shitting jobless if you still follow star plus. Another fact of the movie is the making of common places to death scenes. I mean they haven't taken anything or anywhere dangerous but the places normally we are are used to like Going to watch a car race, Air Port, Roller Coaster, Bus on a bridge, Optician's clinic, Gym, and beauty parlour. I mean it scares the shit out of me when I am in car as after watching Final Destination 2. And the fact that the picture is tried to be portrayed as completely logical what the hell is wrong with of not counting the correct people in the first edition of the series itself. If you know what is so insane about it just google it. Now finally I salute the film as it always had well portrayed actors in it who are probably the background crowd who die on the spot in first scene and are the only sensible enough to not face shit for rest 80 minutes. And they also manage to scare the shit by releasing it in 3D. No not of the audience but of the producers after the first week of screening as they were like "Kiska idea tha re.. Bhaari humne itne kaise kamaaye?!"  But down the line it is one of my most loved "horror" (ROFL) ever. 

Disclaimer: No offence, pure sarcastic review intended for the fun of the audience to read. 

Inspired by : The Roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor by AIB Knock Out .

© Aditi Tiwari 2015. DBA.


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