AMISH - the myth pop star of India!

I am not much into mythology but with whatever I have read I can tell that Amish truly is the myth pop star of India. His books leave you to ponder on your own thoughts that truly there could be a imaginary world that he built with utmost care. I was suggested to read The secret of Nagas by my friend. I could not take my mind of the book for even a second. It was truly when I turned the last page that I found my solitary back. Amish has the ability to capture the mind of the readers and expel their conscious while reading his book. I then read the Immortals of Meluha and The oath of the Vayuputras and was very astonished to complete the trilogy. His writing is wonderful but kept me out of track until I read his first book in the Ram Chandra series - Scion of Ikshvaku . The book is simply awesome and strangely I find it more interesting than the Shiva trilogy. The conversations of the brothers is peened with most delicacy. The was between Dashrath and Raavan is also a treat to read. All in the whole book adds up to the knowledge of the Ramayana that you endeavor. This book is also special to me as it was gifted to me by my mother on account of getting good grades. The wait for the second book of the Ram Chandra Series is just so overwhelming that it can't be contained. Moreover the first book is so indulging that I decided to read it one again. I wonder why don't they have such books for our long reading text in exams. I mean other than Helen Keller why cant it be based on the Indian writer. Like "What were the reasons Ram was considered as a torment?" or something like that. The children would get to learn about mythology and at least read the book with interest and not think of it as a burden when almost 25% of students don't even attempt the novel question. Leaving that to side Amish is a great writer and if a mythology lover he would prove to be the ace writer to read. 



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