Two Roads, Two Choices!

This is the first time I am attempting some plot drawn from the lines of the famous writer Preeti Shenoy's "The one you cannot have." I just got the idea while I had finished attempting my NSO today only in 20 minutes and was reading the book secretly under my desk. Hope you like it.

Two roads , two choices!

I was ready to attempt my last practice before the national basketball championship representing Mumbai Champions. I had just finished it when I feel a tap on my right shoulder. It was Sameer. He was my ex-boyfriend but currently my best friend.
"Hey, Anjali I wanted to talk to you about something important."
"Yeah , speak up Sameer."
"Actually , I wanted to confess something."
He said as he bent on his knees and held my right hand in his.
"I love you Anjali."
"Sameer I..."
I began to say but then I turned my face to find Aman, my boyfriend standing right behind me. Sameer stood up looking at him and left my hand instantly. Aman looked at me tear eyed and I could see the broken look on his face. I felt bad for him but I definitely loved him more than Sameer. Aman grabbed his bag and rushed in a fierce pace inside the college.
Sameer again grabbed my hand and said.
"Tell me your answer before leaving."
"Sameer , I like you but I love Aman."
I left behind me someone I dearly cared about but rushed to get back the one I really loved.
"Aman, stop Aman!"
"Aman, listen to me once naa"
"There's nothing left to say and listen Anjali."
"Its over Anjali."
"Aman , please don't do this. I'll die without you."
"I m just done with you, Anjali, just done."
He turned back sharply and a pained expression all over his face.
"Aman, please!"
"What? The other day you went out to see a match with him and today if I'd be a little late you would probably be kissing him in front of my very eyes."
"Aman, I love you and I know I should have told you but it all happened all of a sudden and I couldn't get time to tell you."
"Why in world does it always happen that besides my busy schedule I always happen to have time for you but you have none for me?"
"Aman, I am sorry I will take out time for you. I'll take out time for us but please don't leave me Aman. I'll die without you."
Aman came and hugged me with all his might and then gave me a quick peck on my forehead. I too hugged him lovingly and we went to the college cafeteria after that.
Sameer on the other hand was happy in Anjali's happiness. 
©Aditi Tiwari 2015. All rights reserved.


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