An open letter to that one person who took away my life from me.

The people who claim to know me don't even need to ask for the name for proudly the soul I got from God doesn't allow me to reveal the name of that one person who has hurt me the most in my life.  For her I broke the relation of three years of cherished friendship.  For that one person I took the every foul tag stabbed at me.  And why did that person do? Nothing much simply took away my life from me.  I can understand that,  the person cares, trusts and loves but that doesn't mean I don't.  Maybe my level in nothing in front for the person.  Maybe the person is right. And maybe after sometime I'd regret writing this but as I said thank god that I even after so much can't even dislike the same person as that person meant a lot to me.  And yet means a lot to me.  But then choice and rules are ones own and even if that person has the worst opinion about me I am damn  cool with it.  For the opinion she had only and only I am to be blamed.  The thing that hurt me is what other people did being influenced by her opinion about me.  I respect the relation of friendship the most but I respect the trait of individuality in character.  I never had any problem in people disliking me. It's their personal choice.  And there is where all the problems lie.  I respect personal opinions not public ones.  If you are ever asked to judge a person not only put on the same shoes but travel the road that the person had traveled.  Along with the harsh storms,  thunder,  massive downpours, bright sunlight and the spring.  For life changes every second and your opinions too.  Remember,  even when you are in a heated argument,  of course, say what your heart asks you.  But then be this strong that even if you regret what you said you have the courage to stand up for it and apologise.  For apologies take less and than to forgive.  And lastly,  we all have regrets,  always make sure that your priced possession doesn't pay that cost for you can loose everything in this life and one day earn it back but never forget don't hurt a person to that extent that the person loses the life itself.

© Aditi Tiwari 2016. Dark Blue Anecdotes™


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