Friendship III

We have heard of long distance relationships, right? And we don't think they hold. Why? I don't know. I am sixteen and I don't believe in anything that I haven't gone trough yet.  But I do have many long distance friendships. Like over international boundaries too. And with someone 90 kms away, well its complicated! I do want to trust her but then I don't trust myself how can I trust someone else. But she is so much more than a friend but not exactly family. We quarrel like siblings and care like sisters but we aren't sisters. She is just a friend I met when I was 4. In Jr. KG. And its been 12 years that I know her. But it was only when she went 90 kms away that I realized what she meant to me. I never would be able to tell her how much she matters to me because then we both would have expectations and that is something at least I can't live up to. We are almost inseparable. We talk daily for hours. For me, when I am talking to her, she is the only person I care about. And when she is studying she is the only one I think about. She is that one person, without whom, I can't imagine my life anymore. Yeah, we plan future like she'd be in France, I'd be in Germany and then we would roam the whole world in holidays.

I know her ambitions, she knows my passions,
I know her past, she predicts my future,
I know what she likes, she knows my hatred,
I know she cares, she knows I love,
I know she will always be there for me , she knows I won't leave her ever.

Who is she?? Well keeping guessing. 
 © Aditi Tiwari 2016 Dark Blue Anecdotes™


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