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Its been almost a month to leaving that habit of getting up in the rush and going to school. Often with the tension of not completing the Maths H.W. . That cold breeze in the morning and headphones stuffed in the ears but do I even remember which song was I listening to ? No. Because I was too preoccupied with n- number of things running in my mind. About the pending submissions, the allotted Formative Assessments and finally facing the school I have been facing for 12 years now. I don't remember holding onto anything as I have held on to Jamnaben Hirachand Ambani School, Lodhivali. Since J.r.K.G to 10th . 

People say school is your second home, well, my only home is my school JHAS and for sure I am a proud Ambanian and I will always be. If the credit of what I am today, good, bad or ugly , goes to my school. And definitely I am able to write this post because only from the start my teachers have pushed me to do my level best. And today , during boards, sitting at home and having nothing to do apart studies I miss my school.

Sometimes the tension is better than the relaxation. I really miss how tensed I use  to get to go to school. Everyday. Because each day is different and I can't predict how I am going to behave and how far will it ruin my image. Again. This was the start of my 10th (B) Session 2015-16. Completing holiday homework has always been a really torturous task for me because I never actually liked fulfilling formalities. And back then I took as a burden. But I was at par with it before the session began after the Summer Holidays. 

Tenth B. My class and batch. Well its been 12 years seeing some familiar faces everyday and yet I feel I don't know anyone out there. I really I am weak in understanding people. I misunderstand some and expect a lot from others. But really out of all the people I have been close to I don't even till date have answers to some unanswered question that still haunt me on a sleepless night. But then I do have some friends that I can understand. And that friendship has really been trough a lot of ups and downs but proudly the only time we have fought in X (B) was when the person shouted at me , " Why do you care, so much, when you know you are going to be hurt?" But what hurt me was how much that person broke to let those words out. I just wanted to be there for the person so that the person doesn't deal with all the things alone, as I had to. And then like the person said the series of fights never ended and I was not in any condition to say anything more after I got the statement "You have no right to speak between our friendship!" Sadly, that was the I cried in my 10th and till date I am. Because I lost a very sacred bond and amusingly this tie it wasn't my fault!

Well talking about tenth and not mentioning about the Formative Assessments would be quite inappropriate. Oh my God! So many of them. But they won't be there anymore. Huh! I loved impromptu speeches because I hardly kept track of the dates allotted beforehand for the Formative Assessments.  I remember last moment studies for the pen and paper test. I miss that stupid smile on some of the faces of my batch mates whenever I was giving any presentation. I remember the plays and most of all I remember the Maths Presentations. Because its this thing that me and another guy we are the only ones who ask doubts. Now why is that so remarkable and worth mentioning is we didn't ask doubts casually. But like it was a competition of who would ask how many doubts and like constant counter striking we would fire one after one doubts and thanks to the faculty we have at JHAS they never actually got annoyed.  And one more best academics related memory would be when everyone including my teachers tagged me as "Oswal-wali-bai" I found it hilarious as I used to carry Oswal Sample Question Papers for Science, Maths and Social Science everyday in my bag. 

Annual Day 2015-16 was exceptional like every Annual Day I have had since 2004. Annual Day is that time of the year when I get close to teachers, far from classmates, and chose wrong people to be with. Regrets, not exactly. Because dancing with my friends is like having dutch cake with sizzling chocolate brownie. Dance and friends and of course foods are one of those things I don't trade for anything. At all. And then of course, being able to take part in the dance of my favorite teacher was a chilled ice cube in the coke. All along helping to make the Back Drop and simultaneously typing for the School Magazine are some of the things I won't ever forget. The experience wasn't the most pleasant one for sure but then asking for more would be downright selfishness. 

How can I forget mentioning the Manali Trip and Adlabs Imagica picnic. I love this things about my friend circle. When we go, we go together or we don't go at all. And those were some days that would be with me till the last breathe because when you are almost  1966.1 km away from your home, in a place prone to land slides during the time when a great earthquake caused havoc in Nepal. We need trust. And fun for a person so pessimistic as I am, God, my friends bare with a lot of apathetic and rude behavior at times and they need to handle me because when not in school premises I am even more worst. Kudos! To my whole group and the fun we had in the Chandigarh - Manali Trip.

Today, as of 6th March 2016, I am 2 days away from writing my second board paper for the year. These are some things I shared because studying and competing for ranks is something I don't remember when I look back at eh 12 years. Make each day count. Not all memories are supposed to be golden. But the fights, tiffs, splits and arguments seem worth less now when I have only 4 official days left with some of the people I really can't let go of. Its been a long post but I am proud that it didn't finish in my draft folder. 

To the best 46 of X B 2015-16
Aditi Tiwari

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