Friendship IV

How many friendships are to be discussed on the blog? Well I don't know. This is a detour to the first post. Its not always easy to live up to expectations. And the worst part is when you expected and they weren't there. When you needed, they weren't there. And finally when you choose someone else over them they have a problem and I am like what? 

Well friendship with her was never easy. Throw back to 2014, those were the most happening 10-15 days of my life. And she was a vital part of them. Met on the little discussion about Children's Day (2014) the dooms day of my life. And then when Aditi Tiwari gets attached , she falls deep. And of course I loved spending time with her but that wasn't quite the same from her side. As an Ambanian forever, she complained. Like what? 

Smashing of door right on her face to ignoring her while passing by in that narrow corridor in front of the staff room on the second floor followed suit. And that is typical Aditi Tiwari behavior after a conflict or argument.   But whom was I kidding? 

The post Odd on the blog is about her because in the shelter of all the misunderstandings I could not just say that I didn't miss her. Like hell I did. Damn, I am way too egoistic. And thus I put on a straight face and arrogant behavior.  Like seriously I should put some sense in my thinking before speaking shit or zip up for the entire life left with me, speaking nonsense has become a great habit. And did I regret that, for sure! Because it takes courage to forgive someone for that kind of nonsense. And of course she did. 

Friendship with her is not that easy. Because usually I adore the qualities of my friends, but she is different and so is our friendship.As for sure she can't tolerate me. And that goes for all the people who know me. And frankly speaking I can never get enough of her.  Because when we are alone that happens once in a year  we are too cute like really I cherish that once in a lifetime moment when I can be myself in front of her leaving behind the past. But when joined by company, I maintain the straight face again. 

I wish I could really ( Ctrl+Z ) what all I did in 2014 and she will definitely be my favorite mistake. I know I have spoken a lot of bullshit that I can't take back. And I know she might be holding it too but that's the best thing about her.. she never brings that back to counter an argument and when we have an argument the decibel level rises bad. But that is for like two minutes then back to normal.

To console someone when they are at their worst a day before the most awaited day of your entire school life, takes courage too and quoting Richard Castle : "You are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating person I have ever met. And I love you." Guess what, I mean it to you. 

She has really seen the best and worst of me and I don't even know her middle name. Okay that was lame. But really she knows me very well and I just discover a new trait and interest of her every time I speak to her. And than too is very rare because she is always busy. 

I know and like the bottom line of the series of these posts I mean nothing to her but for me she is damn special.

To the most cherish-able mistake of my life, RD
Aditi Tiwari.

© Aditi Tiwari 2016. DBA™


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