But like always this is also going to be an anonymous post. 

22nd July 2017

A Saturday and you were not there. Physically. Because the 12th yet, you haven't left my mind since. But its definitely hard to not see you there in front of me. Though our friendship never saw the 
bright sunshine because each we hope for a twilight we face a breaking dawn. and so was the last month. Its time that we talked.

 Talked. We speak with n-number of people daily. But we talk to only the ones we trust. Well trust is the chief fault in my personality. I give it often and gain it randomly but lose it daily. Trust issues are an additional bonus if you be friends with someone called Aditi Tiwari. But I never violated or breached trust. 

Speaking about something important to someone to a third person should not always count as a violation of trust. Maybe I trusted the third person. That's my bad that I never understand people. The problem is I never judge a person on hearsay and looks. Maybe I should. Because these days people are exactly how they look. Mean and Selfish.

But why do we let people in between us? Why always we give a third person the right into our friendship? Why can't it just be me and you? You call me your best friend? I am not. Because best friends sort their matters themselves. The don't publicly insult each other. And above all they
trust each other.  

I trust you. I hate you, do you hate me too?

 Aditi Tiwari
11.17 PM 

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