To be frank I came to know about him only a few days earlier when my brother mentioned about him when I told him I love reading novels.He suggested to read his works and being a school girl of 21st century I googled about him and there i found ample of his works to read. 
Nicholas Sparks  is an exceptionally well writer and has a very different style of writing and looks pretty good too.
Recently I am reading his A bend in the road which is a story about mainly two people Miles and Sarah ,if I am not mistaken. Miles is a sheriff and Sarah is a teacher who apparently teaches Miles son Jonah. Miles had lost her beloved wife Missy in an hit and run case and Sarah is a divorced to Michael.. Soon they are committed to each other and it seems very easy for them to let go of thee past but problems arise between the two of them when Miles once again open the murder case of his wife and falls in the investigation again leading to many problems and even he is suspended from his duty .this leads to frustated Miles and many arguments between him and Sarah. During this Sarah discovers that her little brother Brains is the one who accidentally bumped into Missy Ryan at that night. Sarah without thinking of their relationship goes to Miles and let everything out which leads to great disappointment to Miles as he assumes that Sarah knew it all since the beginning and lied to him to save her brother. Read the book further to find it out yourself what happened after he discovered this undigestable truth!!
               He is a great writer and in the list of my Favourites too.
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  1. Tell the further story ........
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