Jennifer Cruise - BET ME

Jennifer Cruz as per as WIKI is a best-selling and award winning author of contemporary romance novels which by me as at no doubt after reading BET ME by her.
The book has got Jennifer ,  In 2005  a Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Contemporary Single Title . The novel also became her first New York Times best-seller.
If you really wan to enjoy the book you must be patient enough as it proceeds. As in my case after finishing a bit a started reading it back wards but definitely didn't continue it other than the last chapter 17 of 3 pages at the pdf copy. 
Interestingly the novel starts on "once upon a time" and ends on "they lived happily ever after" like a fairytale but what makes it nail the perfection is the journey between that...
which evolves around Min and Cal and their exs' David and Clyth respectively...along with their friends Bonnie ,Roger , Tony and Liza.
The girls amongst above, share a nice friendship with themselves and so does the boys except one thing that the boys had a company which they shared and build-up together. Not to mention that this excludes David and Clyth in both the case.
The story evolves beautifully after starting by a bet between Min and Cal and then hating each other on the other day.
The story also includes several other characters and a whole course of a wedding which ends up when the bride (min's sis diana) instead of saying i agree says i object.
The very nice essence of the whole the way you yourself...and you need not change for anyone...
All in all its a very well written book..thats a romantic comedy..and i loved it...
Its about friendship,  marriages, parents,fantasy,gamble and food....

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