Lok Sabha Election 2014

It is a democracy. 

The rule of PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and UPA or Congress is coming to an end. We all are very well aware of the upcoming most interesting episode of Indian Democracy where Congress after being re-elected for a second term harmed the economy of the country and gave unprecedented rise to inflation, turning all its coin against self. Rahul Gandhi speaking with the tribes and coolies because he knows that the learned aren't giving him any vote. 
Contesting the elections from the safe seat of  Amethi.

On the alternate is my favourite Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi . The man who is in his fourth consecutive term of Chief Ministry in Gujarat. The state known for its development. Plain man with a loud voice. The voice which makes you think यार! बंदॆ मॆं दम है . I like him because of his straightforwardness and gut to speak the right. And he has proved his might in Gujarat. GO NAMO!!! Contesting elections from Varanasi and Varodara is surely the most popular and most talked about candidate. They say youth supports RG . Ghanta!

Arvind Kejriwal. The man who speaks a ton and does nothing. I wonder the people of Delhi have gone nuts to make him the CM. And then telling that he has done this and that. 
Water 700l/day free. Electricity Bill reduction. 
Does not get satisfied with a single Lok Pal Bill. Resigned. Without completing any other promise.
What do people of Delhi get? : "Baba Ji ka Thullu"
Challenges Modi for the seat in Varanasi not to contest but defeat Modi. Bad Attitude.

I feel that 
They might shout
They might blame 
At the end
Its going to be Narendra Modi
who will hit the aim.

© Aditi Tiwari 2014 copyright. All rights reserved.


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