Reading - Hobby, Habit and Addiction!

There are plenty of people around the world who read more than tons of books in their life. Reading is wide spread and favourite habit of many folks and has , I think, increased with the passage of time. Due to the advent of .pdfs' and e-books people have started reading more and more books because now you don't have to issue them from a library nor pay for them. Its free of cost but worth a much lot.  

I read my first book I think ,well I don't remember when but it was Chetan Bhagat's Two States . It was the first book I read to the full never stopping once trough the task. I had various reasons to like the book and have the patience to complete it. It was perfectly based on the ideology of my country, about inter caste marriage, about the kind of things people do before the marriage and the fact that it was the first added to my anxiousness to complete it.I think it was then I actually began developing the habit of reading.

After that I read CB's other works which were Three Mistakes of my life and Revolution 2020. I didn't like them as much as did the first book. But still they were not that bad too.
I read the next best selling and much talked about novel by Ravinder Singh , I too hada love story. I liked it rather loved it to its simplicity but still I would prefer Two States over it.

Then , I was unaware of the fact that I was falling to the newly discovered hobby that would later be such a pure bliss. 

At that time I read like , okay, one hour , everyday and finish the book around in three to four days. As at that time it was limited to the hobby.

It became an addiction when I could not get over the fact that till date(at that time not now)
I could not read a better book than my maiden. 

First I had advice of my elder sisters and brothers when I went reading. And the similar way , my bhaiya offered me a book he had brought along  while he was visiting us during the rains. It was the Manning Brides by Debbie Macomber . It started grabbing my attention ever since I found bhaiya reading with utmost seriousness. But when I read it myself, I discovered it was nothing much extra ordinary about the book and nothing at all as the Indian writers try to pose. It was just loving portrayal of simple things with an extra ordinary writing skill. Though I began reading it with anxiety of what would happen next I could not complete it before the break of the night and decided to continue the next day. But from the moment I went to bed I could not just get my mind to think about so many more things happening but The book. I was getting restless and my brain had started creating the further story on itself which I didn't liked at all. I could not switch on the lights at that odd hour. So I grabbed the book and sat down the corridor on floor beneath the night lamp which was the brightest at that time and completed the book. I wonder had I shown such seriousness at the time of exams maybe! 

Then I began limiting my reading to foreign writers as I found them much much better.
Nicholas Sparks and Jennifer Cruise made the top google when I searched in my interest.

Getting awake whole night followed as a routine to complete the books. However tired I would be I didn't stop till I read the epilogue and ended with a satisfactory and victorious smile or tears of happiness I felt for the fictional characters.


© Aditi Tiwari 2014 copyright. All rights reserved


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