Apologies!! LOL!!

It takes courage to recognize your mistake, it take more to apologize, but it takes the most to forgive and I am proud to have such courages friends. The roller coaster that my life had been of wrong decisions, wrong people, wrong friendships and wrong ending it all got sorted today. Being back to my old friends is the best feeling ever. 

And today was yet another hell of a day. Finally finishing our exams. Actually practicely finishing our exams as the Finals are yet there but we celebrated in the best way possible. Canteen ka vada pav is a must if we all are partying. And then roaming around the whole campus lazily clicking photos selfies and then playing the longest and and most interesting truth and dare of our lives of 29.59 m was in itself a fun. I am being to happy about it as I took the whole video and damn it was fun. And then singing songs had to be done as all the toads we are we would croak. Lastly bitching naa ho aisa ho hi nahi sakta. So we bitched.

But the most memorable part would always be when I apologised to my dear friends on being a complete bitch and choosing the wrong people over them. I was mad to do that. But the fact that they took me back again with no attitude would always be there in my heart forever. It was the laziest and the most enjoyable outing we have ever had other than Gujarat. (ovio!)




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