Under the tree III



Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co incidental. This is a work of fiction and would be appreciated to be taken the same.  


Months passed and their relationship went through a turmoil. Ananya screwed up the whole relationship. At least according to Aarav she did. And Aarav wasn't ready to tell her what is the reason for this separation. He just said.

"Just rid yourself off me."

That was the conversation she had with him. It was her fault. Okay. What was her fault? She didn't know. Maybe something related to her extrovert behavior with his class and her growing friendship with one of his classmates. But he just won't tell her and came up with the lame thing that "Ask anyone in your class they would tell you." But why can't he tell her. For once didn't he care at least  that much to tell her the reason that he distanced himself so much from her that he blocked her number. After ll of this it came down to this. 

It was his birthday and Ananya could not even wish him and this feeling kept eating her from inside. If only she had tried harder. But this was it. She was either wishing him or committing suicide. Okay not suicide. But damn she was missing him. And she wanted to wish him. She was dying to wish him. She wanted to wish him and her wandered that if if and only if they had been in a relationship how would she had wished him... 

The clock stuck 12 and she called him she thought it to be busy but it rang anyway. He picked up the called and said in his sleepy grumpy. 
"Happy Birthday muffin."
"Thank you!"
"Abb toh tu aur bada hogaya mujhse."
"Tu soo raha that like seriously?"
"Bhens hai tu kabe hmmmm hmmmm kar raha hai?"
"Hmm hmm!" Giggling.
"Jaa mar jaake!"
"Haan birthday par bhi yahi bol tu." 
"Arre itne acche mood ka pakoda bana diya tune."
"Seriously, Pakoda?"
"Aur bol."
" Chal live long and have a great great life ahead and all the best for the paper tomorrow I mean today."
" Yaa long life with you on my side."
"Accha. Who is on a break BTW."
"So what yaar?"
"Chal bbye take care. I love you."
"Why won't you reply?"
"I don't know bbye. good nyt."
"Good night."

She imagined the conversation as she could not take it anymore. This was the limit. She can't take the guilt anymore. He likes it or not she is wishing him no matter what. She picked up her cell and called him.
The End.


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