This thing with bed!!

Thinking about how vividly my life has changed in the past couple of months I lay straight on my back and wonder how can I screw this fucking much. The habit of getting too close to someone too soon was surely taking its revenge. From fun filled my life had turned to tragic. And I from subtle to jerk. But now I know I have a few people important in my life and I am adamant to restrict the list right and there. 

And I now could not get any sleep. Great. Once I cross the 12 mark staying put I won't get any sleep. Awesome. I tossed and turned 1000 of times but nothing changed. So I changed my mind if I can't sleep I won't. I tossed for the last time and looked upon my tablet that slept so peacefully so I disturbed it by flicking it on and I knew that the battery won't last long so I picked it up marched to the living and connected it to the charger. I filled my self  a tupperware full of water. While studying these days my throat often goes dry and I have grown to drink much more water. So i yanked up my neck and began checking the pdfs' I had. I chose the one I had read a while back and but I remembered it faintly. Anyone but you by Jennifer Cruise (Great book BTW. Do read.)

I read the book half and was sitting like my head down at the tab that lay a little down so when I arched my head up.... that pain is my most favourite one. I sighed of relief. Given the past events of my life this was so better. This was awesome.  I decided to read the rest of the book in the morning with some tomato pasta. However tired I get food never leaves my mind for a sec. So I went and tried to sleep but whom was I kidding? I can't sleep now when I know the book just turned me on. It took me a second to bring the tab back to my bed and sat in half sitting half laying position and began reading it again.

I love reading on my bed-sweet-bed. I mean its so freaking fun. Your back aches for a sec but then its heaven. The rooms all dark only the light from the tab. Your reading glasses twitched on your nose. (Of course I can't afford to get no. on my eyes again.) And not to forget the lil naps you can take after every chapter. Just closing and relaxing the orbs and memorizing the same chapter and how it must have went. The type of books I prefer memorizing is way too much fun. Romedy is well imagined in bed when the author with mere words set butterflies in the stomach you just ache to control the temptation and boy... its hard. Anyone but you is cherry on the cake a damn sexy novel. At times I imagined how Ranbir and Deepika would look in the film adaptation and I wonder why the fuck haven't they adapted this yet? Maybe Mila and Ashton could do it in the Big World. 

Well waking up to cheese sandwiches and Virat Kohli out for 4(8), I decide I may read another book because the dream world is way to bettar than the harsh reality.  

© Aditi Tiwari 2015. Copyright



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