Under The Tree II



Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co incidental. This is a work of fiction and would be appreciated to be taken the same.  


They walked as if there was no tomorrow. Like someone would separate them the next second. For one maiden moment she would not let go off his hands as if scared to death by You-Know-Who. But this was them. They were way too cute and the bond they shared was way too faithful for the world to understand. Away from all they problems and grievances of life they walked in the dusk. With the beautiful chromatic sun reciting its final goodbyes they talked of life. Almost 16, what they knew about life was restricted to a group of friends, a bunch of subjects, few teachers and family. They were incognizant of the great trouble that awaited them on the q.t. 

"So you have class kal?"
"Yup and nope."
"I mean yaa I have class and no I don't have class."
"Go fuck yourself!"
"Arre I mean hum mil sakte hain kal."
"Kaise?" Almost mumbling. 
"Kya?" A chuckle reverberated from his torso.
"Kaise?" Loud and clear.
"Arre! Our place. Library."

That word was enough to make Ananya grin from tooth to tooth with a light tint of blush. Library has always been exceptional to her when it came to Aarav. They would for hours sit there and talk about everything and nothing. Being the best of amigos they were they never needed a topic to chat. They could talk about even the most insane thing of the world. 

"Perfect!" With a wide toothy grin.
"I love that smile."
"I love that grin."
"I adore that face."
"I enjoy those hairs." Ruffling his hairs.
"I love these walks."
"I love this intimacy."  
"I want this to last forever."
"I wish this never ends."

And she hugged him firmly like he would just break if she won't handle him with love. And he tightened his grip on her shoulder. There were unfamiliar faces around them but they didn't care. All they knew was they have longed for this moment and now finally being there they are not gonna destroy it.

"So we will meet at 2 I'd be there." He said with the least amazement.
"Aww.. Its just tomorrow not a month that you sound that dull."
"I don't know sometimes I just feel so stupid to be associated with anyone. And then..." Cut in the mid.
"Shut. Just shut. We have had this discussion okay. And not a single part of me regrets anything of this okay. I don't regret us."
"But.." Again cut in the mid.
"See you know I don't care whatever they say okay." She patted his cheeks and kept her hand there. "I know what or whom I like or dislike and I love you Aarav so don't torture yourself with all this bull shit okay. Tu jaisa bhi hai mera hai and that's not changing ever."
"You rendered me speechless."
"I love you."
"Love you too."
"Why not "I love you too"?" Irritated.
"Style hai."
"Bohot bekaar hai."
"Achha. Now go bye."
"Bye. Take care."

Not a second passes by when she last saw him and her heart starts missing the count on its beats. He was way too special for her and damn she was serious about this. For the first time in her life she was confident. And that goes to the amusive bond of friendship they share. Time flew in its own grace and she relaxed on the seam. When her phone rings. She does not need to see the ID. She knew only one person to be stupid enough to call at this odd hour of night.

"So gayi thi?"
"How are you?"
"Good. Kyun?" 
"Kyun means aise hi."
"Kya khaaya khaane main?"
"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." Devilish.
"I know now just shut up."
"Tune kya khaaya?"
"He-he-he-he-he. Sabji roti."
"Koi nai! We would go out and have non veg soon."
"Yaa soon means agle saal naa.1 mahine bas sun hi rahi hoon main yeh."
"Arre nahi pakka we would. Meri exams end ho jaaye we would go out."
"Okay! Ssup?"
"Talking to love of my life.You?"
"Replying to the love of my life." Grinning widely.

To be retained. 
© Aditi Tiwari 2014. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. DDA


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