The Railway Budget 2015!

The railway budget just came out today, and I am too quick to update my views about it. First and foremost its my maiden technical post so forgive me for mistakes. 

Writing this I am listening to live debate on Times Now and views from all the different sources. But what I am to write is my view. Now I am a staunch NaMo supporter and speaking frankly I am not much pleased about the functioning of his governance. Yes, I know that for the better results I must wait but Railway Budget is a good way to mark my reviews. Now if you are active the new Railway Budget includes key points as:

1The most-expected part about this year's Railway Budget - there is no increase in passenger rail fares.

2Rs.8.5 lakh crore will be invested in Railways in next 5 years.

3'Operation 5 mins', wherein passengers travelling unreserved can purchase a ticket in 5 minutes.

4Bio toilets and air plane-type vacuum toilets in trains.

5Surveillance cameras in select coaches and ladies compartments for women's safety without compromising on privacy.

6Rail tickets can now be booked 120 days in advance.

7Speed on nine railway corridors to go up to 200 km per hour.

8Wi-Fi in more stations, mobile phone charging facilities in all train compartments.

9Facility of online booking of wheelchair for senior citizens.

10Satellite railway terminals in major cities.

11Centrally managed Rail Display Network is expected to be introduced in over 2K stations over the next 2 years.

12All india 24/7 helpline - 138 from March 2015 ; Toll free No.182 for security.

13917 road under-bridges and over-bridges to be constructed to replace 3,438 railway crossings; at a cost of Rs. 6,581 crore.

14Four Railway Research Centres to start in four universities.

15Details about new trains and increased frequency will be announced later in this session of Parliament after review.
Source: The Hindu 

Now, its a smart budget according to me.  I am like 15, so my views are not that technical.As a chaff, what I am confused about is it good or bad. As if I look it as a NaMo supporter , I expected something more. But then flying high and promising new things may make us happy while switching on the TV but when you think of it after switching it OFF is "Is that really possible?" But with this budget yeah there are guarantees of it to be fulfilled. Because it is not announced to show off to the non performers but to impress people like us, the AAM ADAMI. Its a step to modernise the Indian Railway and not build air castles. It concerns not new trains to be promised but just to improve the whole experience of the trains already there.

 Now, you may introduce many new trains but the question is are they really required? That is the thing this budget answers. Because it introduces no new trains, But tries to enhance the whole travelling experience of the already present, daily running and the passengers train. 

There is no price hike in the railway fare. What could be better than that? Yeah, there could be a decline in the fare. But I think on this front its well balanced. No Pro. No Con. 

First of all the provision of the CCTV cameras for the safety and the mobile charging ports. If you are a staunch critic this things may not matter. But as a person who I am , a teenager yaa this are the minute details i  am looking for. I have nothing to do with how much money is spent, what is the source of it, I am just a common person! For me these small details can make a change. Introducing helpline is a great idea. I am looking forward to it while I visit my home town this year and complain of the worst case scenarios of the toilet.  

You can order your railway food online. That's awesome. You would just have to access the site and know what you want to order and get it. Now the concern for eating in the Railways has always been the sanitation maintained while cooking it. But okay they at least introduced a new beneficial thing.

Then comes the WiFi facility at almost 200 stations. Now what I am missing here is why is this sudden craze for WiFi to be made available to the public? Okay its a good thing but then you would have people hanging out at railway stations and crowding up only to use the WiFi. If anyone can correct me on this, you are welcomed!

Provision for a message alert on your mobile about the schedule of the train! Technological advancement has been the centre of the Railway Budget and I support it all. Making the already huge infrastructure advanced can earn great revenues. 

Next, automated Ticket machines. Awesome! E-tickets and app. Awesome! 4 months pre reservation WTH? This is the most disappointing facet of the railway budget today. And was a complete bouncer to me. How can I decide before 4 months if I want to go at any XYZ place or not? And many events can take place in the 4 months span its a way too large span of time. But you can always cancel your ticket and get the refund, so.... Okay!! 

All together, this might not be the best budget we have seen but is definitely the most promising one to me. I mean, I got that from the idiot box. Of course this is the first budget I am facing as a sane person. But what I really like about this budget is its sincerity to be true and achievable. The arguments laid down have a very close approach at enhancing the railways and making it a really nice experience to travel in rather than just spitting out things not really possible. Now again we have to wait for the real things to be seen in action but then as of now, on paper, its doing good!


© Aditi Tiwari. 2015. DBA


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