Under the tree 4

It was his birthday and he cudnt evn enjoy the day... An exam and a frustrating lecture- worst birthday ever, when he received her call. "Ji madam, boliye!", he said, his normal reply to her. "Tu abhi bhi mujhse baat karna chahta hai???"ananya said surprised. "Baat karne mein kya jaa rha hai mera" replied aarav in his trademark laid back tone.
"Happy birthday dumbhead"
"Thank you!"
"Toh party kiya??"
"Haan naa, 3 ghante ka paper fir aur 5 ghante jhakaya lecturer ne.. The perfect party!"
"Hyper kayko hota hai... Koi baat ni"
"Haa toh kuch aur kaam tha?"
She wanted to ask him the same question that had been bugging her for an eternity but she decided against it.
"Nope" she said.
He was disappointed. He really thought that after this long a pause she would ask him the question-an he would answer her properly and not in the dismissive way that he had done it earlier.
"Chal bye then"
It had been 2 months after that incident and Aarav realised his mistake. Even if he wasnt comfortable with everyone knowing about his relationship with ananya, he felt that he missed the chirpy, carefree bubbly person too much. He thought of messaging her and was about to when a noticed a message from her. He hadnt checked his texts fr a month now and so hadnt ananya's message frm a week ago.
He replied, and the conversation started. It wasnt as free as it was a year ago, but it was certainly a step in a new direction....


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