After a long time

I don't know how much time its been since I wrote my last post. Today while talking to an old friend I casually mentioned that I have lost my life somewhere. And it felt painfully true. In this busy schedule I don't even get time for the things that once were a daily routine. Blogging, surfing the net, chatting , playing , reading, clicking random photos or anything of that sort. It's been a long long time I was carefree, cheerful, just myself. But that lost nowI am finding prblems to adjust with the new me. But thank God that finally few days back I could take sometime out to do things that I really enjoy. It was a normal boring just another day at school when I was wandering in the school library with the person who had once been my best friend. She was helping me to find a book worthy enough to read and she suggested "The secret of the Nagas". I had seldom heard about the famous Shiva Trilogy but could never actually bottle up enough interest to read it. But from the stack of books there it seemed the most deserved choice. I issued the book but that was the second part of the trilogy. And it would be quite useless to read the second without knowing the story of the first. My friend had already read the trilogy so I asked her to narrate the story in brief. Listening attentively to what she was saying the bubbles of interest started forming inside me. She in brief explained me about the book and I thought that to be enough and began reading the second part. Against my expectation I found myself totally involved in the story. Though the way of expressing things and emotions in Shiva Trilogy is not very vivid and gripping but the narration and story makes you grip to the book until you turn the last page of the last chapter. Busy, but I could find time to complete the book in fair two days. It was a great relief to read a book after so many days and that to a good book. But no book is good or bad its the way you see the story. Time goes on with its own pace but it is very necessary to take a bit of it out for the things you love to do. In the end those are things which make you love yourself. 

© Aditi Tiwari . 2015


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