As of today..

Its been a long duration of time since I properly had a conversation with you. You came in a brisk moment and went away in another. I know you would not never read  this. Or even if you did , you would hardly understand. What went so wrong or I should say so right that you went that far, or in your terms, I pushed you that far? But you are never getting an explanation to it. You know why, because I have nothing to explain. How it is possible that you expect everything to be given words. You wanted my understanding level to increase, but that to in your accordance. Everything was yours. Your exams. Your friends. Your ambitions. Your ego. Your taking me for granted attitude. And then when I realized that there is no "me" and I withdrew, atleast then I thought that it would once be me. But no. It is always you. But then crying about it here and talking to you. I chose the former. For today you are more like a sister to me and it matters to me when you say "Aditi,  tujhe koi bhi baat karni ho mujhe batana, mujhse woh baat aage nahi jayegi." And holding true to it. I smile to myself reading this. We almost are inseparable now and you know what, you are my favorites. 

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