Have you ever got that lil feeling of emptiness when you see someone. Like there's a part of your life incomplete. Like there could be so much more to it. Like you are missing the big picture here. Well I feel like that sometimes and its kinda odd.

It is natural to miss someone you don't really like. I mean how is it even possible? How can I miss someone i don't really like? They don't mean anything to me but when I see them it's like somethings missing. I mean I don't really understand. I don't like her and all of a sudden I start missing her. You know, I don't like probably because of all of my deeds. I trusted her more than anything and she just spat it out loud to my principle. Much of a shock to me. She just evened the score. It was my mistake. But sometimes I miss talking to her. Like it was fun to have a friend like her. I really miss her but I don't want her back too. Its confusing!



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