Betrayal and memories

Have you ever felt angry like hell to break the fuck out of your yonex racket? Like pounding it in the floor? Felt the same today. Actually it helped lower my temper. Then I continued to walk on the empty road. With no one around. It felt so good to be so close to my own soul. Then after eternity I went back home. But I couldn't contain myself in under s roof so I went out again. Roaming around and singing the songs i loved. I loved roaming around under the utter beautiful night sky with thousands of twinkling stars and one prime moon. Spreading its moonlight ask over the dark blue sky. I thought what had got my wand in such a knot that I broke my coveted yonex racket out of fury. My friend refused to join me today and i was agitated. How in the world does it always happen that after being so busy I never turned her down but she did it with much ease like I was a tissue paper she could toss away without thinking twice. Speaking of betrayals I had many. Because I trusted the wrong people at the utmost wrong time. Last time I did it I lost my boyfriend. But that was okay it is better to not be in a relationship than to be in a forced one. But what about the great memories we shared. What about the coveted late night conversations we had. What about that turning of stomach to liquid when out of nowhere he would say i love you. All those things that mattered were lost now. All these moments those memories buried deep inside myself. Plunging my heart like a broken piece of glass but the pain couldn't be expressed but only felt. Looking back at those time it seemed so surreal but now i have only memories left to ponder over.


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