Nikita singh

I stir in half sleep and tossed around the bed. I glance at the clock perfectly wristed in my hand. It was 3.34 in the morning ave here I was wide awake. I went out to drink some water and by that time I found nisi trace of sleep over. I thought what to do ave remembered to have downloaded a pdf file yesterday night. I scanned thought my phone ave find it. The promise by Nikita singh. I began reading it. It's pretty strange that some writers even after describing a whole lot of BDSM cannot even stir a feeling while some by just a simple kiss on the cheeks manage to turn your stomach to liquid. Nikita belongs to the second genre. The promise is a brilliant book. Really. It sets your heart racing. I loved every single word inscribed beautifully in the exquisite book. After a long time a book made me cry. Last time I cried reading a book was after I had read I too had a love story by ravinder singh. Singhs have a way to do it. But actually the few parts are penned so well that I could not help but let tears flow silently. With a happy ending, the promise is a brilliant romantic novel


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