7 Types of songs you must have in your playlist

1. A romantic song
A romantic song is a must. You never know when you are traveling with that someone special.
#jeenejeena #harkisiko
2. A party song
Party song energizes your mood and enhances your driving skill. :P
#abhitohpartyshuruhuihai #sharabi
3. An old song
An old song revives those good old days.
#churaliya #ekladkibheegibhaagisi
4. A sad song
Not necessarily but then you can put on your glasses and look out if driving and pretend to be in a movie.
#judaai #humariadhoorikahani
5. A favorite song
When its your playlist it should have your favorite song.
#meripehlimohabbat #tujhsedoorjohotahoon
6. An easy going song
Something that soothes your ears and put your complete self at ease.
#daarudesi #jaisemeratu
7. An item number
Just if you feel to turn up the volume and dance as India won the world cup.
#meranaammaryhai #afhganjalebi


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