I sat immediately waking up from my dream. No it wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare. I would never wish it even on my worst enemy. I woke and my eyes were bloodshot and tears pealing down my cheeks. A nightmare so closely linked to real life scared the hell out of me.
It was a long day at school. Though it was only Wednesday I couldn't wait for Thursday to come. I was leaving for Indore, my hometown next morning at seven and I was hell excited. But then I had to attend the guest lecture at my tuition delivered by a great business tycoon. I didn't knew the name as Nitin sir wont divulge. But going straight to tuition after school was a rough work and I didn't intend to do so regularly. We arrived at the tuition ten minutes later and to my surprise I found our family friend , Mr. Ashok Malhotra there. I greeted him and he began teaching us. It was fun to learn with Mr. Malhotra. He had all the knowledge you could acquire in a lifetime.
The class came to an abrupt end as Mr. Malhotra received a call from his officials but Nitin sir told us that he would be back by 6 and by then we could loiter around. Mr. Malhotra asked me give her daughter some paperwork which she had mailed to him. I jubilantly agreed.
I knew his daughter personally. She was in my school till last year in 12th and then joined the best college of interior designing in India with scholarship. She was a brilliant student and I looked up at her. I went to her house on my brand new Honda Dio that I had got recently. I reached there in less than ten minutes. She asked me to come inside but I declined the offer as I glanced at my watch and it was already  5.55 and needed to be there by 6. I promised to stay back after class today itself. And then I bid adieu.
I reached the class and then also left after the lecture was finished. I went straight home but remembered almost 1/2 km away from my home  that I needed to be somewhere else or else Smriti would kill me.
I  was about to reach her place while my phone rang. It was her with change of plans. She said she now wanted to meet at Panvel. Now that was a heck of a change but I agreed anyways. I drove to Panvel and after almost 25 minutes I was on the flyover. I saw Nisaar and Harshit waiting at the end of the flyover. I slowed my scooty. I waved to them and went past them. I felt one of my scooty's tire to have been flat. I went thereat side and a bike at speed hit Nisaar and he fell down. I was too shocked to react. I called the ambulance. Smriti and her sisters came after a while. I was too shocked to react. I couldn't bring myself to tell them what had happened. I said.

"Everything has two ways to be said; right way and easy way. Nisaar met with an accident is the easy way. He was hit by a bike with great speed is injured and taken to hospital is the right way."

I saw tears brimming in Smriti's eyes. I knew she liked Nisaar a lot. I went over and hugged her. She too hugged me and broke down into tears. The next moment I saw a truck approaching us with great speed and hit us both.

And I woke up.


© Aditi Tiwari.2015. All right reserved. DBA.


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