Family and career

Standing in the balcony, hands widespread on the grill. Face dry as the desert of Sahara and tears won't come as a relief is my present situation.
Sometimes it all feels worthless. The grades i score the marks i get the position i build every single thing of it. Like they don't buy these things anymore.
What's the use of marks that can't even let you choose the stream of our own choice? When you parents want you to take science anyway why strive for a 10? Why can't they be satisfied with a 9 or 8 CGPA? Why is that they want the best from you but not the best for you?
Everyone dreams eyes closed but I dreamt of my future with open eyes. What do they think that i have no plans for my future. That I am choosing commerce to escape studies? That after that i'll marry someone and be a house wife? Darn which century are they living in?
But you can't make your parents understand that there is a big world out there. A world more than IIT and engineering. My dream world of Delhi university. What do they think DU halwa hai? Do they even know the cut offs? Of course its not easy to score 98-99%. But if you can't dream it how are you going to achieve it?
But then when my dreams were shattered on the floor and head bowed down, all I could do was hope. Hope is a strong bad word. Especially when you are hoping something you know would never happen.  But then if it's my destiny I'll surely achieve it. That's it.
- Aditi Tiwari


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