Indian writers v/s foreign writers

The title itself sounds so foolish that i can hardly expect anything from the post. There is no two thoughts about it. Keeping away the only writer Amish, no indian writer can even compete with the prologue or epilogue of a foreign writer.

Hell Indian writers only know to write in utmost amateur language and give insane love scenes*. It has it own way in describing love scenes but Indian authors knew only to make it vulgar. I mean you could pick up a scene from let's say Fifty Shades of Grey and Two States : one love. Even when the scene is a lot more mature in Grey it's yet a lot more sincere than the description of Chetan Bhagat.

And moreover foreign writers are more promising. Like after reading a Bhagat book you definitely feel like banging your head on wall. Not only that i have a personal grudge against Bhagat even Shenoy and Nagarkar aren't any different. Though their stories have a lot better line up than Chetans any book. And yeah though I didn't include Nikita Singh as I find her stories the most mature amongst the Indian writers.

Even though it's a complete treat to read Nagarkar, Durjoy and Shenoy but isn't even close to the satisfaction you get after reading a book by Nicolas sparks and Julie James . After completing either of their books it feels that the time you spent reading the book was well utilised and invested doing something constructive.

Moreover reading Indian writers you can neither improve your expression nor your vocabulary. Definitely not your imagination. Because they heck don't imagine. It's like they keep writing what happens in their life around. And foreign writers heck they do research for every small role. So different from their own profession they try to describe it wholeheartedly.  They go out of the box to give their best shot to their readers. The last time I felt an indian writer describe something wholeheartedly was only love making.

So there is no two thoughts. Foreign writers win with clear margin. I could go on forever with this post but i think it's enough for now.

* lthis post deals with only romantic novels in the discussion. No offence!!


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