It all started when… well. Frankly speaking, when you have bruised eyebrow and ear and a scar on your forehead it isn’t the best time to write a post which you feel from our heart. But then again, physical injuries don’t matter when your soul is hurt. Well not exactly heart but yet hurt. So friends haan. Well have many friends like :book complete hai kya?, headphones laye hain kya?, soon pb hai? And a few like, : chal lets go for a coffee, aye, yeh wale answer ka kya kiya,and then come my best friends. Sanskruti: Aditi, yeh idhaar kuch hai ki nahi. Sakshi: chutiya hai tu?. Nimisha: Proper nouns ko kaise bhi pronounce kar sakte hain. Krutika” Sadaya. Bohot sadaya. But you know what one day without anyone of them feels so down. Like take today. Today we spent 2.45 hrs just rehearsing for our annual day dance and damn it was fun. Like really. Dancing with friends is like awesome. But these friends and our friendship has gone through phases from where we wont buy a look to each other to laughing our hearts out together. From seating aghast in some sports event to rejoicing a football match together. Ups and downs lows and highs our friendship has been through breakups and patch ups. We cant imagine a life without each other. We may fight we may cry but when a shoulder I need you are all I want. This applies to all of them. 

And then comes my elder friends. Ruchika , Jyoti and aayushi di. all them i love and they understand me even in the worst situations. but there are some who manage to hurt me every single time i meet or talk to them. for it wait for post no.2.


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