Dare To Dream!!

"Dreams can never be contained, like happiness, they tend to sometimes flow like the tears when you finally achieve them.And I'd be waiting for that day." Aditi Tiwari

Dreams! A typical 6 letter word but so many emotions. Well I have way too many of them. So starting of the professional and official dream. A lawyer. A typical black suited lawyer. And I my reasons for it. First of all it runs in my family. Secondly, I am planning of commerce so I want to be more than a banker and CA.. okay lets be in the limits. Thirdly, and most importantly, I want to make some serious changes in the Judicial System of India. For instance, juvenile law. And fourth, it pays. I mean come on. Lastly, I am a debater and orator. Fair one. At least my teachers say so.

Next, an assistant director. Well most of the people ask me why not a director? Well the answer is simple. No one blames a AD for a flop. Director gets all the eggs and tomatoes. And being an AD is fun. You get to learn so much. Be surrounded by stars and media bugs you for spoilers and you get to travel and stay in five star hotels and don't pay even a buck for it. Best part you get paid. I'd love to work for Sanjay Leela Bhansali. For obvious reasons. Great movies. Imtiaz Ali. Travel. Or best Zoya Akhtar. Farhan Akhtar. Javed Akhtar. Travel. Great movie. Superstars. Guaranteed hit.

Now a lil bit of high end and a hard dream. Harvard. Who doesn't want a Harvard degree. But then somewhere I know that I wont be able to do justice to this one dream too. I am not particularly and extra ordinary person. Actually I wanna do Honors from Harvard in History and Literature. But guess what I am doing a courses at Harvard Online and proud of it too. And I intend to do more of them. But Harvard or not I am going to do honors from any university in History and Literature.

Next, to the dream I feel the closest too. Maybe I am going to accomplish it next year as an editor. Well let just not boast about that until the right time comes. So of course I mean/."Maine blog banake jhak nahi maar rahi." So yeah after honors I would publish my own book which I am working now on. Love me like you do.

Pilot. Alas, I can never be a professional one as it requires 50% or more in PCM and I am going to take commerce. But I could do a private course in aviation. This infatuation about flying is the freedom you would feel when in the sky. Its about facing that fear. No not height. Fear to be free. And plus I have many friends who are acrophobic and it'd be my sweet revenge. And then owning a driving license is too mainstream. A flying license would be too nice to own. And it doesn't pay.

Last comes a bundle of all the dreams. See its a simple layout, I'd earn as a lawyer, travel as an AD, study abroad as Harvard aspirant, write and thus go for promotions and finally fly. Like travel goes hand in hand. And just not traveling you see. It includes completing my dream travel book. Yeah Yeah, YJHD , So what? I would write in it the experience i had and also the photos i clicked. I have already started with it. It has Rajasthan, Delhi, Manali, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Sikkim and of course Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. But there is a whole world left and I a ready!

May God give me enough potential to fulfill all my dreams and then there is a lil dream more you know to earn enough and thats why you'd find "it pays" often in this post. To render help for natural calamities struck people and donate for the charitable foundations that support them. All most of all support my own family and live a life of respect. 

That's all folks! For today!

© Aditi Tiwari 2015. All rights reserved. DBA.



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