Friendship II

So picking up from where i left it last time. The friendship with students studying in eleventh and twelfth. Well that's a bit stressful you see. I mean I have friends and I have faith in them. But you see, they don't seem to have time for me. Like I am not asking for going on a road trip or an amusement park or even at the least a movie. But you cant blame me if I ask for some quite minutes where we can talk about something else than cracking JEE or how stressful their class is. I wish sometimes I could talk to them about casual topics that friends talk about like how have you been? hows life? but you know these things don't find the crack to enter the icy sheet of our conversations. First of all they don't seem to have ample of time for me and even when they do all they can wail about it the pressure brewing on them. GET A LIFE. Because I know when I look back today after twelve years I don't remember how I felt receiving prizes but I remember the hootings and claps with my friends, I don't remember the feeling when I won HTML or TWEETING but I remember how I got congratulated for that by tese idiots. I don't remember them calling me over friendly but I do remember getting hit straight on the eye by em. I don't remember the fights we have had but I do remember the Gujarat Trip. I don't remember that you complained but I know you care. And now when you all are leaving a dumbass like me forever,  I don't remember anything but all those times we have spent together. Distance is just a no. Till death do us apart I'd hold all the grudges and remember all the moments I spent with you all. #farewell 


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